‘A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you’…….Brigitte Bardot

I love taking pictures, and my favorite subjects to photograph are people, as each and every person is so awesomely different and unique in so many ways, and a single photograph can capture so much and tell a story without words. It represents a single moment in time that whenever you glance at it, it takes you right back to that second when the shutter went off and you feel the emotion, see the surroundings and re-live the experience…of that very moment. That is why I love to photograph weddings, as you get the opportunity to capture so many different aspects and special moments: all the pretty details and stunning décor, the beauty of a bride, the loved-up look on a grooms face when he looks at his bride, the giggles, chatter and laughter of the guests, the search for the soft and pretty light falling on the newly-wed couples faces, and all the moments of love between people…absolute bliss!

My heart is so happy too when I’m photographing newly-engaged couples, or simply couples in love, little babba’s, children, families or a preggy mom-to-be.

Since becoming a new Mom to my baby girl – I can honestly now say that I believe there is nothing more important, nothing more real and incredible in life than your family and all the love, emotions, feelings, experiences and memories created that go along with it.

A little bit about me…

I am South African. I was born in the beautiful Western Cape, the little sleepy seaside ‘village’ of Fish Hoek to be exact, and now reside in a home in the heart of the city of Cape Town, with my hubby Marc, my beautiful baby girl Lily, and our two mischievous Burmese cats – Spartacus and Coco Chanel.

So how did I come to find myself with a camera in hand and a big smile on my face you might ask? Well it was quite a journey, so long story fairly short – for as long as I can remember I loved photographing anything and everything! So naturally I wanted to study and pursue Photography, however due to circumstances and influences at the time –  I ended up going with Fashion Design – the next best creative subject I could find (and what girl doesn’t love clothes). So I studied Fashion. I worked as a Fashion Designer, travelled for a year, designed for another year, travelled for another 5 years, and then returned to find myself working as a Fashion Buyer! It took all that time for me to realize that I’m not a ‘corporate’ kind of girl, who gets frustrated with rules and regulations that go hand in hand with big companies, but rather a creative, somewhat carefree soul. So I decided to pack everything in to pursue my first and one true love (besides my hubby, babba and kitties), you guessed it…Photography!

My other loves…

I love my family, my friends, my amazing little Lily, my kitties and my incredible husband –who makes me laugh every day! I love it when the sun shines, I love the ocean – even if it is freezing down here in the Cape. I love all animals and insects – except mosquitoes – they love me, but I really, really don’t like them. I love anything that screams ‘vintage’. I love blossom trees, pretty flowers and desert-rose plants (hence the use of it in my logo). I love chocolate and am obsessed with pop-corn! And shoes and bags…..slipping on a pair of new heels or flats makes my heart very happy.

Thank-you for taking the time to have a ‘peak’ into my life and my heart.