How beautiful is this little boy Blaze. Some pics with his Mom and Dad – Carlos and Caroline. x

Blaze_0001 Blaze_0002 Blaze_0003 Blaze_0004 Blaze_0005 Blaze_0006 Blaze_0007 Blaze_0008 Blaze_0009 Blaze_0010 Blaze_0011 Blaze_0012 Blaze_0013 Blaze_0014 Blaze_0015 Blaze_0016 Blaze_0017 Blaze_0018 Blaze_0019 Blaze_0020 Blaze_0021 Blaze_0022 Blaze_0023 Blaze_0024 Blaze_0025 Blaze_0026 Blaze_0027 Blaze_0028 Blaze_0029 Blaze_0030 Blaze_0031 Blaze_0032 Blaze_0033 Blaze_0034 Blaze_0035 Blaze_0036 Blaze_0037 Blaze_0038 Blaze_0039 Blaze_0040 Blaze_0041 Blaze_0042