So I’m really excited to post these pics of the second half of Mark and Vanessa’s engagement shoot, as Vanessa has the most absolutely magnificent horse Louis – who played a big role in this part of their shoot. He definitely stole the show – but didn’t detract from the equally gorgeous couple and the love they have for each other. And – I seriously don’t know anyone else who can slip on a slinky gold dress and some gladiator sandals and look this good sitting on a horse! Vanessa just oozes grace and style, and I just loved the contrast of what she was wearing against the black shininess of Louis’s coat!

A horse-lover myself – I can’t tell you how excited I was to be in the presence of such a beautiful creature and to get to snap away with Vanessa and Mark riding him around the farm. He was so well-behaved……until later on when I think he felt he had ‘posed’ enough and got very spirited to say the least!!!!! So off he went to have dinner in his stable and we got to take a few more photo’s of just Mark and Vanessa in the late afternoon light.

Hope you love these images as much as I do. xxxx

V&M_0001 V&M_0002 V&M_0003 V&M_0004 V&M_0005 V&M_0006 V&M_0007 V&M_0008 V&M_0009 V&M_0010 V&M_0011 V&M_0012 V&M_0013 V&M_0014 V&M_0015 V&M_0016 V&M_0017 V&M_0018 V&M_0019 V&M_0020 V&M_0021 V&M_0022 V&M_0023 V&M_0024 V&M_0025 V&M_0026 V&M_0027 V&M_0028 V&M_0029 V&M_0030 V&M_0031 V&M_0032 V&M_0033 V&M_0034 V&M_0035 V&M_0036 V&M_0037 V&M_0038 V&M_0039 V&M_0040 V&M_0041