Mark and Vanessa are honestly the coolest couple ever! It was so amazing to meet them and spend time with them whilst capturing moments between them for their engagement shoot, we had so much fun and the two of them didn’t stop laughing and having a good time – they were incredible to photograph! Besides both being really, really good-looking – they are an awesome couple who clearly adore each other and are so well matched, they both exude love and such a positive energy!

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in December – it’s going to be one magnificent affair. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from the first part of their shoot. x

V&M_0001 V&M_0002V&M_0003 V&M_0004 V&M_0005 V&M_0006 V&M_0007 V&M_0008 V&M_0009 V&M_0010 V&M_0011 V&M_0012 V&M_0013 V&M_0014 V&M_0015 V&M_0016 V&M_0017 V&M_0018 V&M_0019 V&M_0020 V&M_0021 V&M_0022 V&M_0023 V&M_0024 V&M_0025 V&M_0026 V&M_0027 V&M_0028 V&M_0029 V&M_0030V&M_0031 V&M_0032 V&M_0033 V&M_0034 V&M_0035 V&M_0036 V&M_0037 V&M_0038 V&M_0039 V&M_0040 V&M_0041 V&M_0042 V&M_0043 V&M_0044 V&M_0045 V&M_0046 V&M_0047 V&M_0048 V&M_0049 V&M_0050V&M_0051 V&M_0052 V&M_0053 V&M_0054 V&M_0055 V&M_0056 V&M_0057 V&M_0058 V&M_0059 V&M_0060 V&M_0061 V&M_0062 V&M_0063 V&M_0064 V&M_0065 V&M_0066 V&M_0067