Now this is a wedding that I will never forget – and for so many, many reasons! Dan and Yolande are seriously an amazingly awesome couple who had the best wedding ever!

So many friends jumped in to help prepare everything perfectly, hanging meters and meters of gorgeous bunting that had messages attached to them, that created a sea of colour as the flags blew in the wind……the tinkling of the shells hung at the alter, the smell of the fresh hay-bayles laid out for their guests to sit on, the rustic and vintage decor and flowers, the live and very cool band, the delish food……it was all just gorgeous. I also loved it when Dan was blindfolded and he and Yolande had a sneaky kiss just before their ceremony. :)

Yolande looked exquisite in her elegantly simple dress which she finished off with a beautiful bold neck-piece which was to-die-for, and Dan looked so handsome in his light blue suit with brown shoes – the color combo was just so cool.

They were married at Dan’s parents home in Little Mowbray – the home he grew up in, and were surrounded by all their closest friends and family, it was so beautiful and you could just feel all the love and joy of every moment of their day. We managed to sneak off to Rhodes Memorial to take some pics of the two off them, and then upon arrival back at their home – the afternoon proceeded with heart-felt speeches, old and new traditions thrown into the mix, pinjada’s been hit and games taking place, lots of good food and drinks, kiddies running around…….simply divine.

And so the night was finished off with wild dancing and great tunes, with everyone partying the night away out in the open and under the stars.

Dan and Yolande – simply put – I love you guys! xxxx

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