Now this is a couple that I can honestly say are so meant for each other – like two peas in a pod, soul mates for sure! Emile and Kamilla are the most fabulous couple – so in love, so kind-hearted, so full of love and laughter…….it’s been amazing meeting them, getting to know them and sharing in some special times during their couple shoot and then again when I got to shoot their wedding not long after their e-shoot. Enjoy looking at these pics – you get a tiny glimpse into the special and gentle souls that they are. x

E&K_0001 E&K_0002 E&K_0003 E&K_0004 E&K_0005 E&K_0006 E&K_0007 E&K_0008 E&K_0009 E&K_0010 E&K_0011 E&K_0012 E&K_0013 E&K_0014 E&K_0015 E&K_0016 E&K_0017 E&K_0018 E&K_0019 E&K_0020 E&K_0021 E&K_0022 E&K_0023 E&K_0024 E&K_0025 E&K_0026 E&K_0027 E&K_0028 E&K_0029 E&K_0030 E&K_0031 E&K_0032 E&K_0033 E&K_0034 E&K_0035 E&K_0036 E&K_0037 E&K_0038 E&K_0039 E&K_0040 E&K_0041 E&K_0042 E&K_0043 E&K_0044 E&K_0045 E&K_0046 E&K_0047 E&K_0048 E&K_0049 E&K_0050 E&K_0051 E&K_0052 E&K_0053 E&K_0054 E&K_0055 E&K_0056 E&K_0057 E&K_0058 E&K_0059 E&K_0060