Jacques & Winnette had such a beautiful and intimate wedding. Their venue – Lalapanzi Lodge – is set high up in the mountains of Somerset West – all wooden and natural and surrounded by lush greenery and forests, too gorgeous. Their wedding took place in Cape Town over the weekend where there were flash floods – so their outdoor forest ceremony had to be moved inside to a quaint loft high up in the Lodge, which just added to the misty, rain-filled and magical day – they exchanged their vows overlooking the misty valley with the rain falling down softly all around……..:)

Two gentle souls that love each other beyond words. What a special couple!

It was so lovely to spend the day with them and their close family and friends – tucked away amongst the mountains – what a wonderful feeling and atmosphere it created. They had the lodge to themselves so the reception took place in the restaurant – where their table was beautifully decorated with vintage pieces and stunning flowers. The rain let up to a light drizzle in the late afternoon and we were able to go outside and into the forest to take some lovely photo’s. The light was soft and diffused, and surrounded by all the greenery and trees was just too gorgeous.

Jacques and Winnette – thank-you for asking me to take photo’s of your beautiful wedding day, sending you both blessings, light and love. xxxx

A big thanks to the lovely Angelique Smith who assisted me and helped me on the day.

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