They say that if it rains on your wedding day – its a sign of good luck. :)

Well then Nate and Leanne have been incredibly blessed and have a huge amount of luck coming their way, as it rained and rained on their day – and we even heard thunder and saw some lightning. This was the weekend that Cape Town experienced flash floods, so the rain certainly arrived and stayed – but it didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone, as they continued to embrace the day which was filled with so much love and laughter and everyone seemed to have an absolute blast!

Leanne made the most beautiful bride and she was surrounded by a bunch of the most lovely and special bridesmaids – proving that only such a wonderful person as she is – could have such awesome friends. Despite the rain, we ventured off to take some photos ‘s, so they put up their brollies, and Leanne even changed her wedding shoes to put on some awesome pink gum-boots, such sports, and off we all went into the rain. The light was actually so beautiful and the rain certainly added a magical touch.

Nate is a pilot, so mixed into all the gorgeous vintage decor and details – were aviation details – like paper planes strung up in the chapel and mini paper planes were used as confetti and thrown over Nate and Leanne as the exited as Mr. and Mrs. There were badges to be pinned to garments and little mini wooden planes placed on the serviettes at the tables. I was completely blown away by all the amazing attention to detail, Leanne proved to be a super-bride – and really made the day a magnificent one. And the food stations – wow – they were incredible and so delicious!

Nate and Leanne, it’s an honor to know you both and to have been there on your special wedding day, thank-you so much for asking me to capture it all. Sending you both so much love and wishing you a lifetime of laughter and happiness. xxxx

Nate & Leanne_0001 Nate & Leanne_0002 Nate & Leanne_0003 Nate & Leanne_0004 Nate & Leanne_0005 Nate & Leanne_0006 Nate & Leanne_0007 Nate & Leanne_0008 Nate & Leanne_0009 Nate & Leanne_0010 Nate & Leanne_0011 Nate & Leanne_0012 Nate & Leanne_0013 Nate & Leanne_0014 Nate & Leanne_0015 Nate & Leanne_0016 Nate & Leanne_0017 Nate & Leanne_0018 Nate & Leanne_0019 Nate & Leanne_0020 Nate & Leanne_0021 Nate & Leanne_0022 Nate & Leanne_0023 Nate & Leanne_0024 Nate & Leanne_0025 Nate & Leanne_0026 Nate & Leanne_0027 Nate & Leanne_0028 Nate & Leanne_0029 Nate & Leanne_0030Nate & Leanne_0031 Nate & Leanne_0032 Nate & Leanne_0033 Nate & Leanne_0034 Nate & Leanne_0035 Nate & Leanne_0036 Nate & Leanne_0037 Nate & Leanne_0038 Nate & Leanne_0039 Nate & Leanne_0040 Nate & Leanne_0041 Nate & Leanne_0042 Nate & Leanne_0043 Nate & Leanne_0044 Nate & Leanne_0045 Nate & Leanne_0046 Nate & Leanne_0047 Nate & Leanne_0048 Nate & Leanne_0049 Nate & Leanne_0050 Nate & Leanne_0051 Nate & Leanne_0052 Nate & Leanne_0053 Nate & Leanne_0054 Nate & Leanne_0055 Nate & Leanne_0056 Nate & Leanne_0057 Nate & Leanne_0058 Nate & Leanne_0059 Nate & Leanne_0060Nate & Leanne_0061 Nate & Leanne_0062 Nate & Leanne_0063 Nate & Leanne_0064 Nate & Leanne_0065 Nate & Leanne_0066 Nate & Leanne_0067 Nate & Leanne_0068 Nate & Leanne_0069 Nate & Leanne_0070 Nate & Leanne_0071 Nate & Leanne_0072 Nate & Leanne_0073 Nate & Leanne_0074 Nate & Leanne_0075 Nate & Leanne_0076 Nate & Leanne_0077 Nate & Leanne_0078 Nate & Leanne_0079 Nate & Leanne_0080 Nate & Leanne_0081 Nate & Leanne_0082 Nate & Leanne_0083 Nate & Leanne_0084 Nate & Leanne_0085 Nate & Leanne_0086 Nate & Leanne_0087 Nate & Leanne_0088 Nate & Leanne_0089 Nate & Leanne_0090Nate & Leanne_0091 Nate & Leanne_0092 Nate & Leanne_0093 Nate & Leanne_0094 Nate & Leanne_0095 Nate & Leanne_0096 Nate & Leanne_0097 Nate & Leanne_0098 Nate & Leanne_0099 Nate & Leanne_0100 Nate & Leanne_0101 Nate & Leanne_0102 Nate & Leanne_0103 Nate & Leanne_0104 Nate & Leanne_0105 Nate & Leanne_0106 Nate & Leanne_0107 Nate & Leanne_0108 Nate & Leanne_0109 Nate & Leanne_0110 Nate & Leanne_0111 Nate & Leanne_0112 Nate & Leanne_0113 Nate & Leanne_0114 Nate & Leanne_0115 Nate & Leanne_0116 Nate & Leanne_0117